DOMAT community & architecture social architect

"What can we do?"


  • Provide a platform for discussing alternative roles for architects within the community and to raise the awareness for community and developmental projects in poor areas.
  • Act with responsibility towards others.
  • Undertake projects with a commitment to the communities involved.
  • Engage with local people to build trust.
  • Offer good design to everyone.
  • Work with a human approach, engaging with local people to understand their needs.


  • Understand and design for daily activities by researching local conditions.
  • Check cost estimations and drawings from local design institute to make sure design is to standard and in reasonable cost.
  • Monitor the construction process, including cost variations, minimizing delays and keeping donors updated on the project.
  • Frequent site visits to ensure good construction quality and progress.
  • Collaborate with different parties involved in the construction process to set up better professional standards and team spirit.
  • Build up good relations to with clients, charities, government and locals to enable a successful project.
  • Form local partnerships to ensure long-term commitment and sustainability of projects.
  • Sustainable design: recycle and reuse of materials and care about environmental impact of the project.
  • Cultural awareness: incorporate traditional wisdom with new ideas to make the locals value their own culture.
  • Work with charities and organizations to incorporate 'software' programs to enable follow-up of project.