DOMAT community & architecture social architect

Since 2013, SoCO's Home Modification project has been helping to improve the living environment of low-income families. The focus of the project is to provide a better study space for their children, helping them to do well at school so that ultimately the family is not stuck in a poverty cycle.
By using the high ceilings of tenemant houses we can free up space for daily activities, and provide a dedicated study area. The furniture was designed with the family in mind; it's construction is both durable and adaptable, so that it can grow with the family.
Early on in the project, we understood that improvements to the house itself may benefit the landlord more than the families in the long run. By providing furniture for the family to keep, they can take their furniture with them when they move house, meaning that the benefit of the programme can remain with them for years to come. This idea has proven to be quite sucessful.

Date: 2013- ongoing
Location: Shum Shui Po, Hong Kong
Initiated by: Society for Community Organization (SoCO)
Sponsor: South China Morning Post (SCMP)
Donors: agnès b.; Sino Group
Support from: CLP
Scale: 100 families (pilot scheme)
Volunteers: Anson Wan, Bobby Lam, Echo Xiang, James Palmer, Jonas Tang, Justin Chan, Luka Ng, Maggie Ma, Mark Kingsley, Michael Chan, Rosa Chan, Tanya Tsui, Jo Shen, Jenny Tang, Cecil Xu, Julie Wang, Henry Hao, Pearl Chan, Krystal Lung, Johnny Lau, Rosalia Leung, Iris Andreadis, Flora Wong, Justin Yip, Wanting Yim, Calvin Liang, Adeline Chan, Lok Tin Fung, Vicky Lee