DOMAT community & architecture social architect

Working with two schools in Kwai Tsing, we developed a programme for exploring environmental awareness through design. Using discarded polystyrene boxes, school students discovered how to turn a waste product into a temporary installation and raise awareness of the unsustainable use of single use, disposable materials.

Constructed as a continuous loop of boxes, and modelled on the form of an igloo, the installation plays on the cause and effect of global warming through avoidable waste. The process included the development of techniques to form blocks from the boxes, washing and stitching them together, and finally a team effort to construct and dismantle the Styrogloo in-situ in a single day. We hope that the students will reflect on their waste habits as well as spreading the idea with their peers.

Project Date: October 2018 – July 2019
Location: Kwai Tsing, Hong Kong
Initiated by: Institute for Integrated Rural Development
Funded by: HSBC Community Partnership Programme
Size: Approx. 2000 recycled polystyrene boxes
Team: Mark Kingsley, Maggie Ma, Hannah Yim, Reuben Choi, Crystal Chau, Walter Chung