DOMAT community & architecture social architect

Waste disposal in villages is a visible, yet neglected issue. Waste is often dumped in streams and rivers, or burned within the village. The waste collection prototype aims to highlight these issues, and encourages children to engage with the process of consumption and its side effects.

We designed the collection point with separate chambers for waste and recycling, with a sloping floor to facilitate hygienic operation. The two operations are stacked vertically to reduce the footprint; this creates distinct routes for the activities and makes dealing with waste more fun, as well as making a stronger awareness of the flow of waste.

Completion: December 2013
Location: Wanmeibo Village, Baojing County, Hunan
Initiated by: The Institute for Integrated Rural Development, Hong Kong
Donor: Fu Tak Iam Foundation
Size: 11 sq.m
Cost: RMB17,000
Design: Maggie Ma, Mark Kingsley