DOMAT community & architecture social architect

Maggie Ma
I am a Registered Architect graduated from CUHK. After 4 years of commercial work experience, I looked for work with a more humanitarian focus and started working on rural projects in China. Since 2010, I have worked with rural communities, charity groups and local governments designing and constructing architectural projects, and research on the transformation of Chinese villages, towns and cities. With experience in building relationships, diplomacy and realising ideas, I co-founded DOMAT community & architecture with Mark Kingsley in 2013.

Mark Kingsley
I am a graduate of The University of Sheffield, a school where social awareness is integral to architecture, and where theory and practice share an equal status. This led to my interest in different ways of doing architecture and projects that engage with everyday life. The reality of architectural production has meant that I worked primarily in commercial offices after moving to Hong Kong in 2007. DOMAT is a return to my roots.