Youth Innovation Frames

Wong Tai Sin, Hong Kong

What is youth? Youth is a value that will become our future society. It is moment of transitional quality, visualised in this temporary event. One may feel sadness for its short existence, yet more will come.

The programme is designed for young people to understand social problems and empower them to help people in need. The design starts with a cubical frame, which is an abstract form to describe an amount of space; the simple form is like a seed that may grow into countless potentials of spatial experience.

The resulting design is built into a structural space frame for a public event, before being reused as shelving units for small homes. The youth participants can interact with spectators, explorer their creative imagination, as well as practising environmental awareness.

September 2016- January 2017
Initiated By:
The ABM Hong Kong Swatow Baptist Church Community Service, Hong Kong Playground Association, The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, Education for Good
Main Donor:
Wong Tai Sin District Council - iU Youth Social Innovation Project
approx 250sq.m
Site Area:
Maggie Ma, Mark Kingsley, Wan Ting Yim, Marco Tai, Jay Ng, Henry Hau, Rosalia Leung, Chris Ho, Echo Xiang