A Home Within a Bed

Various locations throughout Hong Kong

Introducing a bed for cubical home: multi-functional, acting as living room, study room, dining room, laundry room, bed room and more.

Together with a team of volunteers, we are developing a design for a bed for subdivided homes, cubical homes or any small home. The ideas demonstrate how a bunk bed could be perceived as a space for a variety of activities. For private renters who cannot afford to buy an apartment itself, what would happen if they could become the owner of a home within their home?

The aim is to avoid a situation where the landlord ends up benefiting from the idea more than the family. By providing something adaptable, the family can take the bed with them and the benefit of the programme can remain with them.

September 2015 - ongoing
Main Donor:
UnLtd, Society For Community Organization, DBS Social Enterprise Advancement Grant, SIE Fund
Site Area:
Amber Yip, Echo Xiang, Iris Andreadis, Jo Shen, Lok Tin Fung, Maggie Ma, Mark Kingsley, Rosalia Leung, Tanya Tsui, Vincent Tse