Social Housing for Low-income Families

Kowloon City, Kowloon, Hong Kong

In adapting the flat for an increased number of occupants, there are practical concerns that we must address. Each family has their own private bathroom (with WC and shower), and a shared kitchen spaces for two people to cook at the same time. The private living space for each family are the same size.

The main design idea is to have a semi-open area at the entrance with movable partitions. Since different families may get along well or have conflict with each other, the moveable partitions allow them to change the layout after they have moved into the house. The partitions can be arranged for total private space or opened up to share a larger living space together. It is also possible for one family to close off their space, and the other to leave their side open for communal use.

Using a longitudinal division of the flat, both households get an equal amount of natural lighting and ventilation. Bedrooms are placed in the centre of the flats, where it is darker, with the private living space adjacent to the main windows.

The design provides a simple and effective adaptation to the flat, with two identically sized units without compromising on public space, providing opportunities for interaction between the families, and reducing the risk of conflict due to inequality.

May 2018
Initiated By:
Society for Community Organization
Main Donor:
Shih Wing Ching Foundation
Site Area:
Maggie Ma, Mark Kingsley, Wanting Yim, Kelvin Chan, Tini Tang