A Self-guided Multi-purpose Canteen

Shun Tak Fraternal Association Lee Kam Primary School Hong Kong


Referencing from Japanese school lunch "Kyushoku", the project aims to provide a mindful eating place for students to understand the meaning of eating. The students learn self-independence in lunch activities by taking care of themselves in a guided space. The students will set the table, clean and clear up. During lunchtime, the students have opportunities to learn about the culture and nature of food by sharing activities and small project displays.


The design is researched through a series of workshops to engage the students and teachers. The teachers and students are involved in envisioning the future through drawings and discussion. Subsequently, programmes were determined by analysing their visions. Programmes generated are designed and made into scenarios for users to act in a guided drama workshop, providing insights into activities' locations for further development.


The school Canteen is designed with three main zones to allow multifunctional use.

  1. A green zone by the south-facing window provides spaces for students to relax, such as listening to music and reading after lunch, with spaces that allow the school to make displays on food value education. The students could plant small spices and salad materials by the windows to understand food production. A convex-shaped table acts as a serving table for students to serve the food to others in the main eating area.

  2. A working station facilitates the students to clean up after lunch, providing spaces for trolleys to collect the dishes, shelves for putting bowls and tools, and sink facilities with spaces for cleaning.

  3. A mini-stage area allows students to share their project about food during lunch. It also facilitates the school to turn the space into parent forums, physical education and other activities during non-lunch hours.

Completed in June 2022
Site Area:
Maggie Ma, Mark Kingsley, Stephanie Tung, Gianfranco Galagar, Luka Ng
HK Jockey Club/ Poly U